Seven Ways on How to Keep Your Man Happy!

A happy relationship is probably the best thing to share. Everybody wants to share the most passionate romance with their partner but sometimes it would take more than just grand romantic gestures to make them happy and keep it that way.

Love should be experienced and shared by both parties but a woman’s behavior can actually impact the overall satisfaction of the man in the relationship. It could also greatly impact his current state of mind. You may or may not be a good lover but all you need to know is how to be one with the tips we have compiled for you below.

Keeping Your Man Happy and Interested

Tips on Keeping Your Man Happy and Interested

Learn how to keep ur man happy below

Tip Number One: Praise him constantly.

If your special someone appreciates who you are as a person, what would you feel? Loved, right? A man would feel grateful that he has you by his side if you praise him in front of other people. This will let him know that you are someone that supports what he does.

Tip Number Two: Do not make him feel insecure.

Men have huge epic egos but they are also very fragile especially when it comes with their relationships. Men feel threatened easily and once they do, they will go into their own insecure shell and who knows what goes into their minds! As much as possible, make him feel secure and do not flirt with other guys. He will surely give you a positive response or even love you more!

Tip Number Three: Experiment.

Men would appreciate it if their partners would take the lead sometimes. It easily gets tiring in their part if they do all the work especially in bed. Experiment and try new things in the bedroom. One of the biggest reasons why marriages fail is because they got bored from repetition and monotony. Keep things sexy – he will surely be in awe with you.

Tip Number Four: Motivate him in all his endeavors.

Although it is healthy to tell your man the flaws in his ideas, it is not wise to oppose him without giving him a sound and rational judgment. Help your man achieve his dreams and bring out the best in him by complimenting his achievements and by motivating him.

Tip Number Five: Surprise him with the thing he has been wanting to buy.

If you went out shopping alone and found along the way something that you know your man would love, do not hesitate to purchase it for him. This little gesture would make him realize that he is the luckiest man alive because he has you for a lover!

Tip Number Six: Be an excellent cook.

It may sound cliche but it is actually true: food is the way to a man’s heart. If he told you that he does not care at all whether you know how to cook or not, deep down he actually does. Any man would love a dish prepared by his woman. Make him experience the astronomical orgasm of his life and he’ll love you for it!

Tip Number Seven: Make him feel blessed to have you.

Be a graceful and charming woman who can awe everyone that passes her way. If you make him realize your true value, he would thank the heavens for giving him the best woman he could possibly be with!

Step By Step Guide On How Make Rose Floating Candles

We often hear of people who ask how to make a floating candle as decorative pieces. The beauty and elegance these candles bring, is always a sight to behold and appreciate. But how can you make your own rose floating candle. Here is a step by step guide on how to make a floating candle.

Step 1

To start with make flat sheets of wax – about one-quarter of an inch thick. You will take these sheets and cut from them petals and leaves. These pieces will then be wrapped into the rose flower. This means you will have to work quickly while the wax is still warm and pliable. The good thing with this is that if you ever make a mistake or something that you don’t like, simply re-melt the part that you are not pleased with.

Step 2

Get a cookie sheet (with sides) Place a piece of aluminum foil down on the cookie sheet and up against the sides. Now using, a ladle or large spoon, dip out some molten wax and place it on the cookie sheet. You can use your ladle or spoon to smooth it out and get it to the correct thickness.

Step 3

While the wax is cooling to a temperature and firmness that will allow you to proceed, cut a wick about two inches long. It will be trimmed to the proper length later.

Step 4

Once the wax is firm and cool, remove the aluminum foil and peel off the wax sheet. You can put the wax sheet on your working surface (which should be a cutting board or something similar). Now using a knife you will want to cut petals and leaves – if you want leaves. The petals are elliptical shaped, with slightly more pointed corners.

Step 5

The first piece that you should cut should be a small rectangle. Take this rectangle and wrap it tightly around the bottom of the wick. Now take a petal and wrap it around your first piece that you just wrapped. Firmly squeeze the bottoms together, but not the top of the petal. Continue doing this around and around, making and shaping the candle into a rose shaped candle. Remember your rose petals on the inside will be smaller than those on the outside so when drawing and cutting your petals, start with smaller ones and work up and into larger petals. When the wax becomes unworkable (inflexible) dump the unused wax sheet back into the pot and re-melt it. Then begin again.

Step 6

Once the complete rose candle is finished, take a small piece of the wax sheet and place it on the bottom of your first piece (with the wick) and wrap it up and around the petals on the bottom – sealing the bottom as best as you can.

Step 7

Lastly, to finish the seal on the bottom, gently grab the top of the completed rose with a tweezers or pliers and dip the bottom of the rose in the melted wax. You need to do this to completely seal up the bottom of the candle or water will seep through seems and the flower will sink.


That is all there is to it. It takes a little practice, but it easy to do. Any mistakes can be simply re-melted. Many variations can also be made with these roses. You can change colors, add different colored rose petals, or even add green leaves. Again the possibilities are up to you. Making floating candles is fun and inexpensive. If you use regular paraffin wax, you can make dozens and dozens of roses for the price of a handful of pre-made roses. Not only is it cheaper to do but your final floating rose candles will look much better and more elegant



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Synthroid side effects in children

cure-1006804_960_720Synthroid is a compound produced by the human thyroid glands The drug Levothyroxine commonly referred to as Synthroid is used to treat hypothyroidism that is caused by many factors including thyroid removal and thyroid atrophy among others.

Synthroid is prescribed to be taken once a day with a glass of water to avoid adverse effects of synthroid. The drug comes in injections or tablets, for children a single tablet is crushed and mixed with a teaspoon of water. This suspension is given to children once a day after breakfast.

Your child will need to take levothyroxine in the instance that his or her body is not making enough thyroid hormones or in the case of goiter, which is an enlarged thyroid gland.

The drug has various side effects in children, along with allergic reactions. Parents should seek their doctor’s advice if their children start displaying symptoms such as:

Common side effects

  • General side effects

Hair loss, extreme fatigue, fainting, racing heartbeat, increased blood pressure and tremors

  • Central Nervous System

Headache, hyperactivity and heat intolerance, anxiety, irritability and insomnia, disorientation, sudden headache, loss of coordination, slurry speech, lightheadedness, confusion

  • Gastrointestinal

Abdominal cramps, diarrhea, vomiting,

Rare and serious side effects

Some rare cases of cerebral tumor and femoral epiphysis have also been reported in children under Synthroid therapy. Craniosynostosis in infants occurs due to overuse of Synthroid in treatment of hypothyroidism, evident in their compromised adult heights later in life. Other rare and serious side effects include blurred or double vision, dizziness, eye pain, limping, seizures and severe headaches.

  • Musculoskeletal

Tremors, muscle weakness, walking with a limp

  • Cardiovascular

Cardiac arrest, increased blood pressure, heart failure, myocardial infarction, seizures

  • Respiratory

Breathing difficulties


Even though some of these side effects are not common, but could be a sign of serious problems. There should be frequent monitoring of the child’s blood tests to check thyroid hormone levels. The doctor may then decide to incense or decrease the dose per day depending on the test results.

Reactionary effects with other drugs

Some side effects would come as a reactionary effect of the Synthroid with other drugs the child is on. Before you give your child any other medicines when you are treating him or her with Synthroid, you should check with your child’s doctor first. Drugs for cough and common cold for instance do not go well with Synthroid. Others include antacids, iron supplements, Questran and other multivitamins.

  • Reactionary effects include rash, hives, skin itchiness, swelling of the mouth and lips, drop or increase in appetite or fever.

Usually these side effects may show at first but with continual intake of the Synthroid drugs, some disappear. Different brands of Synthroid come with different effects on your child. Some brand may cause trouble swallowing or chocking for instance, before starting your child on any dose be sure to ask the pharmacist of these effects. It is important that you also stick to the dosage the doctor prescribed for your child and do not adjust it without his or her directions. Do not stop giving your child this medicine unless your child’s doctor tells you to.

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